Full event details (PDF format)

Race HQ:           Adjacent to the Cotter Reserve (approximately 20 minutes 
                   drive west of Canberra).  Directions will be provided to
                   individual race entrants and relay team captains with final 
                   instructions/race numbers.
Start:             Brindabella Classic entrants amd Relay teams: commencing at 7:00am
                   Bulls Head Challenge entrants: Intersection of Old Mill road and 
                   Mt Franklin road (approximately 1km past Piccadily Circus), about 40 
                   minutes drive by car from race HQ, commencing at 9:00am.
Finish:            All races finish at Race HQ, Cotter Reserve. 
Presentation:      Presentation of awards will commence at approximately 1:30pm 
                   on race day at Race HQ.

Course:            Brindabella Classic (BC): 54.4km of mainly bush roads and 
                   tracks, with some rough terrain including steep descents.  The course 
                   has a net climb of 800m and a net fall of 800m.  Much of the race is at 
                   high altitude (up to 12802m) and some sections are very exposed and 
                   the weather is changeable. 

                   Relay teams follow the same course as above and the legs are 9.9, 
                   17.3, 17.3 and 9.9km respectively.

                   Bulls Head Challenge (BHC): 27.2km of mainly downhill, all on 
                   bush roads and tracks.  This is the same course as for the 
                   last half of the Brindabella Classic.
Entries:           The events are open to all individual runners and to relay 
                   teams who are satisfactorily trained to safely complete this 
                   gruelling 54 or 27 km event.  The minimum age for individual 
                   runners is 18 years.  Entries close by mail, fax and email on 
                   17 October 2005 to ensure that you receive a race number before 
                   race day.  Late entries for the BC and Relays will be accepted 
                   on the day at race HQ between 05.30 and 06.30, and up to 08:00 
                   for the BHC.  Changes to relay team members will be limited to 
                   replacing those injured before the race.  Runners who run the 
                   full 54 km may also be part of any number of relay teams, but 
                   will receive a discount for only one team. Late BHC entrants must have 
                   paid their fee and received a race number at Race HQ before setting 
                   off for the start.
Race Fees:         Brindabella Classic individuals $55.00 (ACTCCC members $50).
                   Relay Teams $68.00 (if the first leg is run by a Brindabella 
                   Classic individual entrant, then the fee for his/her first 
                   team only is reduced to $51.00, additional teams with the same 
                   first runner pay the full price).
                   Bulls Head Challenge individuals $38.00 (ACTCCC members $32).
                   There is a strict ‘no refund’ policy and a late entry fee of 
                   $15.00 applies for all races.  Entries posted after 17 October 
                   2005 should include the late fee.

Relays:            Relay teams of 2, 3 or 4 are invited to participate (please 
                   refer below for information on team categories). The team 
                   captain will receive all the necessary details prior to the 
                   event, including a map.  Whilst relay teams may enter on the 
                   day, time to do so is limited and a late fee applies. 
Time Limits:       Both BC individuals and teams must complete the 54.4 km course 
                   within 7 hrs, and reach Bulls Head (about half way) within 
                   3 hrs 20 mins, or they will be asked to withdraw from the 
                   event. BHC individuals must complete the 27.2 km course within 
                   5 hrs. Progress throughout the race will be monitored at race 
                   HQ and if it is judged that insufficient progress is being made 
                   in relation to your likely finishing time, or if you appear too 
                   distressed, you may be asked to withdraw from the event.  Aid 
                   Station and radio communication support towards the end of the 
                   course cannot be guaranteed for the slower runners who refuse 
                   to pull out of the race even though they have been asked to do 
                   so by a race official.

Race Control:      All runners are requested to assist the organisers by clearly 
                   displaying their race number at all times (front and back) and 
                   ensuring that their race number has been registered at every 
                   aid station with the attendants.  The progress of every runner 
                   will be monitored at Race HQ via radio communication with every 
                   aid station to prevent, as far as possible, a runner becoming 

Spectator Access:  Spectators can gain access by car to most drink stations (refer 
                   to the course map, which will be posted out with final race 

Transport:         There will be NO transport provided by bus to the start this year. 

Facilities:        At Race HQ there are toilets, a playground, BBQ and picnic 
                   facilities.  Two camping grounds are within a few km of race HQ 
                   and there are hot showers available there (ph (02) 6207 2425, 
                   one person $5.50 per night). Masseurs will be available after 
                   the race for a fee of $5.  There will be one portable toilet at 
                   the start of the Bulls Head Challenge.

Special Drinks:    Special drinks and food bags are catered for, provided that 
                   they are lodged at Race HQ before 6.30am on race day.  This 
                   time deadline applies to runners in all three races.  These 
                   items must be clearly labeled with your race number, and lodged 
                   in the crates marked for each aid station.

Aid Stations:      There will be ten aid stations supplying water, sports drink 
                   and limited first aid.  Food such as fruit and Jelly Beans 
                   will also be provided, as well as your special drinks if 
                   provided on time. 

Litter:            Please do not litter at all in any area, as most of the run 
                   is in a nature reserve.  Drop cups etc. in the special 
                   receptacle located just past each aid station.  If you have 
                   to drop litter elsewhere, please do so at or near the aid 
                   stations where it can be easily seen and collected.  DO NOT 
                   throw it in the bush, as this may threaten the conduct of 
                   future events.

Traffic:           The roads used by the runners in this event are not closed to 
                   traffic, but most are seldom used.  However, caution must 
                   always be exercised by runners at all times, particularly when 
                   crossing the main Cotter Road (bitumen) just before the finish 
                   as this road can be very busy.

Distress:          If an entrant becomes aware of another runner in distress or 
                   requiring assistance in any way, then please provide help to 
                   the best of your ability and notify an aid station attendant.  
                   Any entrant who withdraws from the event is requested to 
                   immediately notify an aid station attendant, and arrangements 
                   for transport back to Race HQ can then be made.

Cancellation:      In the event of bad weather (there could be heavy snow or deep 
                   river crossings) the organisers reserve the right to cancel 
                   the race or change the course at short notice. However, this 
                   has not yet been necessary in the history of the race, but it 
                   should not be ruled out.

Race numbers:      Final instructions, a course map and race numbers will be 
                   posted to individual entrants and relay team captains on receipt 
                   of entry form (note that this will be the only indication that 
                   your entry has been received).

     Brindabella Classic Individual:
           First Male                    The Jack Maxwell Trophy plus $100 cash (new)
           First Female                  The Miles Franklin Trophy plus $100 cash (new)
           Husband & Wife Team           Trophy 
           Second/Third Male/Female      Trophy
           Randow draw prizes

           Men and women individual race winners on three occasions and those 
           completing their 10th individual event (in 2005) will have their race 
           number set aside permanently as their own, and in future runs that 
           number will be distinguished by a cloth race number. 

     Relay Teams:
           First Male Team of four       The Mike March Trophy 
           First Female Team of four     The Wanda Foley Trophy 
           Two person Relay Team         Trevor Jacobs Trophy (NB. one member 
                                         runs the first two relay legs and the  
                                         other runs the last two legs) 
           "Other" Relay Teams           No trophies, however any records set are 
                                         recorded (Teams may be mixed and the 
                                         legs may be run in any combination - 
                                         see examples in Race records) 
     Note: All of the members of a team may wish to run across the finish line 
           together to capture the moment in the finish line photograph; this is 
           permitted provided it does not interfere with any other runners,
           particularly individual runners completing the full distance. 

     Bulls Head Challenge
           First Male                    BHC Male Trophy plus $50 cash
           First Female                  BHC Female Trophy plus $50 cash
           Second/Third Male/Female      Trophy
           Randow draw prizes